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Egg Rolls                                                                                                                           $6.50

   Rolls stuffed w/ vegetables, glass noodle & lightly fried, served with

   a house sauce.


Fried Wonton                                                                                                                                  $6.50

Ground chicken, garlic, pepper, wrapped with wonton skin, deep fried,

and served with a homemade sweet sauce.


Dumplings                                                                                                                                          $6.50

Steamed or fried.  Stuffed w/ chicken & vegetables & served

w/ sweet soy sauce.


Golden ToFu                                                                                                                                 $6.50

Tofu fried until golden and topped w/ ground peanuts.

Served w/ home-made  sweet sauce.


Angel Wings                                                                                                                                    $9.25

De-boned chicken wings, stuffed w/ ground chicken, ground pork, shrimp, glass

noodle, onion and seasoning.    Fried golden brown & served w/ cucumber sauce.


Shrimp Wraps                                                                                                                             $9.50

Whole seasoned shrimp wrapped in crispy wonton skin.

Served w/ sweet sauce.


Chicken Saté                                                                                                                                 $8.50


Chicken skewers perfectly charbroiled & served w/ home-made

peanut sauce & cucumber sauce.


Shrimp Cake                                                                                                                                   $8.95

Ground shrimp & pork patty, battered and fried golden &

served w/ plum sauce.


Sampler Special                                                                                                                           $11.95

2 egg rolls, 3 chicken saté, 4 chicken dumplings & 5 fried wontons.


  Thai Victory Restaurant 




Thai Salad                                                                                                       $7.95

Fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomato & hard-boiled egg topped

w/ peanut dressing.


Yum Yai                                                                                                              $9.95

Shrimp & chicken on a bed of lettuce, red onion, cucumber,

tomato & carrot w/ a spicy lime dressing.


Beef Salad                                                                                                     $9.95

Fire grilled beef, topped over a bed of lettuce, red onion,

cucumber, tomato & carrot w/ a spicy lime dressing.


Pla Goong                                                                                                         $9.95

Grilled shrimp w/ red & green onions, on bed of green leaf

lettuce, topped w/ spicy lime dressing.


Yum Woon Sen                                                                                             $9.50

Shrimp & chicken w/ glass noodles &  vegetables in a spicy

lime dressing.


Seafood Salad                                                                                           $14.95

A  hearty combination of select seafood (shrimp, squid, mussel,

white fish, & imitation crab), red onions, tomato & green leaf lettuce 

w/ a spicy lime dressing.


 Thai Victory Restaurant 




** Bowl - Dine in only, no take out


                                                                          ** Bowl        Pot

Combination Soup                                                                   $5.95          $9.25

Mixed vegetables w/ shrimp, chicken & pork in a clear broth.


Wonton Soup                                                                               $5.95          $9.25

Wonton wrapped w/ ground chicken, cooked in a clear

Broth w/ pieces of chicken, shrimp & vegetables.


Tom Yum Gai                                                                               $5.95          $9.25

Thailand’s most famous spicy soup w/ chicken &

mushrooms in lemongrass broth.


Tom Kha Gai                                                                                $5.95          $9.50

An aromatic soup rich w/ coconut milk, mushroom,

galangal root, lemongrass & kefir leaves.

Tom Yum Goong                                                                        $5.95          $9.50

Shrimp & mushroom, in a spicy lemongrass broth.


Tom Kha Goong                                                                        $5.95          $9.95

Shrimp & mushroom, in spicy lemongrass & coconut milk broth.


Seafood Soup (Po-Tak)                                                                        $14.95

Combination of shrimp, squid, mussel, white fish, & imitation crab,

in a spicy lemongrass broth with Thai spices.


 Thai Victory Restaurant 


Seafood Entrees


Gulf of Siam                                                                                                 $14.95

Combination of seafood (shrimp, squid, mussel, white fish, & imitation crab)

sautéed in a chili paste w/ onion, red pepper, and a touch of fresh basil.


Shrimp in Curry                                                                                          $12.95

Shrimp, sautéed w/egg, onion, red pepper & a touch of yellow curry powder.


Ginger Fish                                                                                                      $14.95

Tilapia or Sole fish.  Deep fried & topped w/ sliced

ginger, tomato, onion, carrot & straw mushrooms in oyster sauce.


Sweet & Sour Filet of Fish                                                                    $14.95

Deep fried Sole fish topped w/ cucumber, tomato,

onion, bell pepper, pineapple & sweet & sour sauce.


Chili Fish                                                                                                             $14.95

Tilapia or Sole fish.  Deep fried & topped

w/ tamarind, garlic, chili sauce, and red bell pepper.


Teriyaki Salmon                                                                                             $14.95

Perfectly grilled and braised Salmon steak w/ home made

teriyaki sauce, & served w/ steamed broccoli.


Spicy Lover                                                                                                   $13.95

Shrimp & Squid stir fried w/ chili, onion, carrot & fresh sweet Thai basil.


 Thai Victory Restaurant 


A La Carte


Choice of Chicken, Pork or Tofu.

With Beef     $8.95

With Shrimp  $9.50

Combination:   Chicken + Beef + Pork + Shrimp  $10.95


Baby Corn Mushroom                                                                              $8.50

Sautéed in oyster sauce w/green onion & carrot.


Chile Basil                                                                                                       $8.50

Stir fried w/ chili, garlic, onion, bell pepper & fresh Thai basil leaf.


Prik King                                                                                                             $8.50

Sautéed green beans & red curry paste.


Eggplant Basil                                                                                              $8.50

Wok-fried sweet basil, onion, carrot & peppers in black bean sauce.


Cashew Nut                                                                                                    $8.50

Sautéed w/yellow onion, carrot, bell-peppers, and cooked

in a sweet chili paste topped w/ roasted chili.


Kang Pao                                                                                                           $8.50

Cooked Szechuan style over a high flame enhanced

w/bamboo, red chili peppers and roasted peanuts.


Broccoli                                                                                                              $8.50

Stir-fried broccoli & carrot w/ oyster sauce.


Mixed Vegetables                                                                                        $8.50

Stir-fried vegetables w/ oyster sauce.


BBQ Chicken                                                                                              $8.95

Charbroiled half chicken marinated in Thai spices.



  Thai Victory Restaurant 


A La Carte  (continued)



BBQ  Spare Ribs                                                                                  $11.50

Pork ribs marinated w/Thai seasoning, oven baked,

then roasted over a fire grill.


Sweet & Sour                                                                                                $8.50

Sautéed w/ pineapple, onion, cucumber, carrot, & bell pepper

in sweet & sour sauce.


Pa-ram                                                                                                                  $8.50

Sautéed w/ home-made peanut sauce on a bed of mixed

vegetables topped w/ sesame seeds.


Orange Chicken                                                                                           $8.95

Crispy chicken glazed w/ a tangy orange sauce, topped w/ sesame seeds.


Fresh Ginger                                                                                                   $8.50

Slices of fresh ginger sautéed with straw mushroom, tomato,

onion, bell pepper & oyster sauce.


Roast Duck                                                                                                   $11.50

Sliced roasted duck served on a bed of vegetables & topped w/ gravy sauce.


Tofu Delight                                                                                                   $8.50

Deep fried tofu w/ mixed vegetables in a yellow curry powder.


Garlic Pepper                                                                                                  $8.95

Wok-fried w/ chopped garlic & served on a bed of vegetables.


Teriyaki Chicken or Beef                                                                      $8.95

Grilled & braised w/ home-made sauce topped w/ sesame seeds

served on a bed of vegetables.


 Thai Victory Restaurant 




All curries are made with coconut milk. 

Choice of Chicken, Pork or Tofu. 

With Beef     $8.95

With Shrimp  $9.50

 Combination:   Chicken + Beef + Pork + Shrimp  $10.95



Red Curry                                                                                                         $8.50

Red curry paste w/bamboo shoot, carrot, bell pepper & Thai basil.


Green Curry                                                                                                    $8.50

Green curry paste w/ bamboo shoot, carrot, bell pepper & Thai basil.


Panang                                                                                                                 $8.50

Peas, carrot, Thai basil leaf & bell pepper.


Mussamun                                                                                                          $8.50

Cooked w/ potato, onion, and peanuts.


Pineapple Curry                                                                                            $8.95

A wonderful blending of flavors involving pineapple, tomato &

bell peppers in a red curry.


Yellow Curry                                                                                                   $8.50

Traditionally w/ chicken, potato, onion, & tomato, in a mild yellow curry.


Duck Curry                                                                                                    $11.50

Slices of juicy duck, pineapple, tomato, carrot, & bell pepper, in a red curry.


  Thai Victory Restaurant 




Choice of Chicken, Pork or Tofu.

With Beef   $8.95

With Shrimp  $9.50

Combination:   Chicken + Beef + Pork + Shrimp  $10.95



Pad Thai                                                                                                            $8.50

The most famous Thai noodle dish.  Cooked w/rice noodles, egg,

bean sprouts, scallions, crushed peanuts, pan fried in a special sauce.


Chow Mein                                                                                                       $8.50

Stir fried egg noodles w/ vegetables sautéed in a mild soy sauce.


Pad See Eew                                                                                                 $8.50

Stir fried w/fresh wide rice noodles, broccoli & egg in a sweet

black bean sauce.


Gai Kua (Chicken Noodles)                                                                $8.50

Stir fried fresh wide rice noodles, egg, scallion & bean sprouts

served on a bed of crisp green leaf lettuce.


Spicy Noodles                                                                                              $8.50

Wide rice noodles, bell peppers, onions, tomato & fresh Thai basil

stir fried in a spicy sauce & served atop a bed of crisp green leaf lettuce.


Pad Woon Sen                                                                                              $8.50

Muan bean noodle stir fried w/ tomato, onion, mushrooms,

bean sprouts & egg.


Rad Na                                                                                                                $8.50

Wide rice noodles w/ broccoli topped with a savory Thai gravy.


 Thai Victory Restaurant 


Fried Rice


Crab Fried Rice                                                                                            $9.50

A large portion of wok fried rice w/ crab, onion, tomato, peas,

carrot & egg.


Shrimp Fried Rice                                                                                        $9.50

A large portion of wok fried rice w/ onion, tomato, peas, carrot & egg.


Thai Fried Rice                                                                                             $8.50

Choice of chicken or pork.  

With beef                                                                                       $8.95

Wok fried w/ onion, tomato, peas, carrot & egg.


Combination Fried Rice                                                                        $10.95

Chicken, beef, pork & shrimp wok fried w/ tomato, onion & egg.


Hawaiian Fried Rice                                                                                $11.50

Chicken & shrimp wok fried cashew w/ cashew nut, pineapple &

a touch of yellow curry powder, onion & raisins.


Spicy Fried Rice (With Shrimp $9.50)                                          $8.50

Choice of chicken or pork.  

With beef                                                                                       $8.95

Wok fried w/garlic, chili, and Thai basil.


Vegetable Fried Rice                                                                                 $8.50

Broccoli, cabbage, onion, peas, carrot, tomato, and egg.


  Thai Victory Restaurant 


Side Order


Jasmine Rice                                                                                           $1.50

Brown Rice                                                                                              $2.00

Peanut Sauce                                                                                        $1.50

Cucumber Sauce                                                                                 $1.00





Coke, 7-Up, Diet Coke                                                                 $1.50

Ice Tea & Lemonade                                                                         $2.75

Hot Tea                                                                                                    $2.00

Hot Coffee                                                                                            $2.75

Thai Ice Tea                                                                                          $2.75

Thai Ice Coffee                                                                                   $2.75





Coconut Ice Cream                                                                           $3.50

Fried Banana                                                                                         $4.25

Roti (Thai Crepe)                                                                               $3.95



Prices subject to change without notice.            2060-0518  Updated 5-28-2018


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