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Thai Victory Restaurant was established in April 2007.  The restaurant was formerly Siam Victory Restaurant, but Thai Victory now has all new management, new owners, new employees, and an updated menu selection.


An important factor in any restaurant success is the chef, and our head chef, Lisa, is highly gifted in creating authentic Thai meals for your dining pleasure.  Lisa is a native from Thailand and has extensive experience in a variety of Thai and Japanese restaurants, both as manager and chef.

In February 2008, we are pleased to announce the addition of Aree to the Thai Victory Restaurant family.  Aree is a fantastic and accomplished Thai chef with a special skill for carving ornamental flowers and other shapes into various fruits and vegetables.  She specializes in creating a meal experience that is both tasty and pleasing to the eye.  Aree is a native from Thailand and has a vast experience as Thai chef, including chef at Thai Kitchen belonging to Marriott in Bangkok, Thailand.

Running the front is our hostess, Wondee.  Wondee is a native from Thailand and has assumed many roles in Thai restaurant management, most notably serving as executive director in a popular Thai restaurant franchise.


With vast experience in preparing Thai cuisine and managing Thai restaurant operations, Lisa and Wondee will assure you a delightful, authentic, and tasty Thai meal.


Danny is responsible for bookkeeping and managing day to day operations.  You can see Danny at the restaurant usually in the evenings and on Saturdays. Danny is a native from Thailand and is a previous Thai restaurant owner.


Behind the scenes are Annie, Sam, and Paul.  Each are natives from Thailand and were previous owners/operators of Thai restaurants.


The webmaster, Jeff, is a native of Southern California and his claim to fame regarding Thai cuisine is professional taster/critic of Thai home cooking by his wife, Annie.



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